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Display ads suck, both the public and the agencies who make them agree. Our tech turns static wallpaper ads into an interactive experience with AI chat powered ads, or “conversational ads”.

Our platform allows businesses to design and build their own Conversational Advertisements for better performing and more engaging campaigns. Let people have a voice in the advertising process and be heard, while gaining valuable insights and market data.




“Companies using Conversational Ads have seen up to an 87 percent lift in engagement compared to its traditional click-through ads” – Digiday

What is a ConvoAd?

What is a Convo Ad?

ConvoAds inject the power of AI chat bots into formerly static ads to create Conversational Advertisements. A display ad from Smart Convos is so much more than just wallpaper. ConvoAds are able to reach out and engage with customers in a genuine and effective way.

Rather than telling a customer what to buy, a ConvoAd asks them what they are looking for and helps them to find it. Conversational Advertising has been shown to have up to an 87% lift in engagement. Conversations and conversions take place entirely within the chat window and can’t be faked by spam-bots, eliminating accidental click-through and click fraud.

Collect Actionable Data

Capture real time interactions through a Display Ad Campaign. Our ConvoAds reach out and engage in real time with people seeing your ad. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that shows your brand, interacts, and gets valuable survey and lead data.


  • Allows instant results for the ‘need it now’ generation
  • Creates an interactive Advertisement that’s fun
  • Gives customers the opportunity to speak their mind
  • Offers a familiar interface using text and keyboard chat
  • Brings back to life boring Banner Ads
  • View every user Transcript, Analytics Data and more
  • Sends leads directly to your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, ZoHo, etc.)


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